Access Control

Secure your premises with enhanced Access Control. Using the latest key-fob, access card/token and biometric technology we help you manage movement on your premises… on your terms.

  • Restrict access to sensitive data
  • Secure stock
  • Protect employee possessions
  • Control access privileges dynamically
  • Avoid the expensive headache of lost keys
  • Enhance health and safety
  • Comfort staff with the knowledge that their environment is secure

Access Control to, from and within your space keeps you one step ahead. But access control isn’t only about permission and restriction. It’s about insight too. Business insights that help you run your business more efficiently as well as more securely.

Management Control

Often what people think or say they do, bears little or insufficient relation to what they really do. People make mistakes. There is fact. And there is fiction. Access control allows you to cut straight to the facts and understand exactly how staff and visitors interact with your premises.

You’ll know where they go. When they go there. How long they are there for.
And because our access systems integrate with other business technology, your computers, vending machines, photocopiers and the rest, our systems will also tell you, to an extent, what they do.

  • Track movements
  • Manage movements
  • Audit movements
  • Timesheet integration
  • Single or multiple sites

That we’ve been supplying and supporting access control systems across the North West for more than 20 years tells you we know exactly what we’re doing. That we’re trusted by the likes of City South Manchester, Manchester City Council and Greater Manchester Police tell you that it’s not just us who thinks so. And we’ll even back up that faith by guaranteeing that every piece of work we do is insured against design failure.

How’s that for a cast iron confidence in your security?

Access control to secure your premises. Get started today.

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