From deterrence to detection to insurance compliance and reduced premiums to access control to the prosecution to simple peace of mind, any business serious about security will take their CCTV seriously too.

You may already use CCTV or at least have experience of it.

No – the challenge isn’t in deciding whether CCTV makes sense or not. The challenge is in deciding which provider will offer you the best security at the best price The best ‘value for security’. It’s a case of identifying credentials, experience, knowhow. And when every security company you look at is essentially saying the same thing, it’s not always easy.

CCTV Monitoring Centre

What if we told you that we own and operate the North West’s largest and most advanced CCTV monitoring centre?

While some organisations are running their CCTV feeds to as far away as India we’re supporting and securing our clients 24/7/365 with local knowledge, vast experience, and immediate response.

And when we say 24/7/365, we mean 24/7/365.

Our control room, our staff, and our dedicated CCTV expertise. An eagle eye on your property, your personal and your reputation – all day and all night.

No-one else even comes close.

We’re extremely proud of our operation here. Take a look yourself.

Call 0845 634 8835 to organise your guided tour of our CCTV monitoring centre.

Advanced CCTV Technology

Not just IP Video (who doesn’t offer IP Video these days?), but advanced IPV. Advanced Digital CCTV. The best quality, the most tried, the most tested, the most secure CCTV solutions in the world, from the world’s leading providers.

Advanced digital security – it’s our speciality. And we’ve all the accreditation, testimonials and customers, including Greater Manchester Police and Manchester City Council, to prove it.

What’s more, because our staff is our staff, not subcontractors, we put our name on every piece of work that we do. Put simply… when you contract Commsec – you contract Commsec.

That’s why we guarantee every Advanced Digital CCTV system we install.

  • DVD quality digital video
  • Digital archiving
  • Quick to install
  • Scaleable
  • Versatile remote access
  • Tamper resistant

We know exactly what it takes to look threat in the eye, to face it down, then to kill it stone dead.

What does it take? We’ll tell you.

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