Intruder Alarms

A bullet proof intruder alarm system? It’s a non-negotiable. Your business can’t function properly without one.

What is open to debate however, is the team best able to supply it and support it. Actually… that’s not either. The smart money will be on Commsec.


  • Because we’ve been one of the leading providers of intruder alarms in the North West for more than 20 years.
  • Because we supply the best-qualified technicians fitting the best equipment and offer the best support. Our work is not only guaranteed it’s insured.
  • Because rather than treating your intruder alarm system as a system in its own right, we look at how best to integrate it into your security as a whole. To integrate your intruder alarm system with your access control, CCTV, fire protection and even your physical protection – your fencing, gates, shuttering or grills.

All across Manchester and the North West hundreds of clients – police forces, local authorities, housing associations, hospitals, schools, colleges, shops, offices, and warehouses have chosen us to supply their intruder alarms.

  • Legal compliance assured.
  • Insurance premiums reduced.
  • Premises and staff secured.

Many are also connected directly to our own monitoring centre for immediate response.
The only independent security provider to operate their own monitoring centre, did you know that it’s one of the largest, most sophisticated control rooms in the North West?

Armed with advanced BT Redcare and Digicom alarm reporting systems you can be assured of total protection. And because we only use approved suppliers and because we’re fully accredited your insurance is totally protected as well.

24/7 our BOLD management system delivers an immediate alert the moment our Alarm Receiving Centre is notified. We will quickly access your CCTV (if you run CCTV of course) and assess the situation. If your property is under threat we contact both the police and keyholders immediately.

So, as you can hopefully see, if the question is “who you should use to supply your intruder alarm system?”, the answer, without doubt, is Commsec.

For your free intruder alarm evaluation call 0161-273-8835 now.