Service & Maintenance

Successful security is a state of being. A sustainable state of being. Not just a moment. Always there. Always waiting to be called on when needed. That’s why installing a security system – be it a single camera CCTV system or a fully integrated CCTV/Access Control/Intruder Alarm and Fire Security suite – is only the first step.

The value is delivered over time. Security is a function. Not form. So that the concept of security, rather than being an overhead, becomes a comfort, quietly woven into the day to day fabric of your operation. And of course for security systems to work properly over time, they need to be properly looked after.

The Case for Expert Service and Maintenance

That’s why we work so hard to ensure that all our clients understand the importance of a professionally maintained security system. Peace of mind plus that all important insurance compliance.

How painful it must be, to have an insurance claim refused on a technicality? An avoidable technicality that an experienced and expert security partner wouldn’t have allowed to slip through the net in the first place. Imagine too how satisfying it must feel to see your security swing into action the second threat comes calling?

Value Delivered Over Time

For police forces, for local authorities, colleges, schools, sports centres, housing associations, hospitals, office blocks, shops, and warehouses.

Qualified support. Certified support. Support that undergoes continual evaluation and continual training. Not just from suppliers such as Paxtons, JVC and 360 Vision but also from the UK’s leading certification services.


Don’t trust to luck. Trust Commsec.

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